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Helping You Navigate A Litigated Bankruptcy

It can be disorienting to have made the decision to make a fresh financial start through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, only to have the process become more complex when a creditor or other party challenges your case. Litigation stemming from a bankruptcy filing may be filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court or in other federal or state jurisdictions. You may be facing a lawsuit from a creditor or your bankruptcy trustee. The discharge of a debt in your bankruptcy filing may even be challenged as part of a divorce, probate or personal injury case.

Amanda Williams, the founding attorney at Amanda Williams Law, represents clients in litigated bankruptcy cases. She draws upon her 21 years as a Superior Court judge in Georgia and several decades as an attorney in private practice to provide you with a solid defense that can address all the bankruptcy-related issues you are facing.

Who Can Challenge My Bankruptcy Case?

Although many routine bankruptcy cases move through U.S. Bankruptcy Court without challenge, legal conflicts can arise from several sources, including:

  • Creditors clearly have a huge stake in your bankruptcy case and can challenge your debt to them if they feel it should be considered nondischargeable, or if they can prove you are not entitled to a general discharge due to fraud.
  • Your bankruptcy trustee – the court-appointed official who has oversight over your case – can challenge an exemption you have claimed or your right to a discharge if they allege you committed fraud (such as concealing some of your assets) during the bankruptcy filing process.
  • Other parties can also challenge parts of your bankruptcy case. For example, in a divorce, the ownership of a particular asset could be challenged by your ex, or they could challenge your assessment of who is responsible for a secured debt, such as a car on which you are still making payments.

In each of these situations, our firm will review your bankruptcy filing and construct a compelling defense of your rights as a debtor. Attorney Williams understands how bankruptcy law intersects with other practice areas and is ready to address all of your potential concerns.

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