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Strong, Effective Civil Litigation Representation

By the time a conflict has grown past the point where it can be resolved by negotiation, mediation or arbitration, the parties involved typically have a lot at stake. The consequences of losing could be grave. You could lose significant sums of money. In the case of family-related legal matters, you could see your loved one’s final wishes disrespected or their assets mishandled.

Amanda Williams Law focuses exclusively on representing clients in litigated cases. Our founding attorney is a former judge and has experience both conducting civil trials and providing legal representation for civil plaintiffs and defendants.

Fighting For Justice In Probate And Domestic Matters

Some of the most challenging civil lawsuits involve family matters. Georgia is one of two states that allow jury trials for domestic matters (such as asset division) in litigated divorces. The probate process after a relative dies in Georgia can be complex to begin with; if there are accusations of an executor or trustee mishandling the estate, the case can become both financially and emotionally costly.

Attorney Williams will dig deeply into the details of your situation to construct a case that will clearly lay out your side of the issue. Whether your lawsuit is decided by a judge or a jury, our firm’s founder will leverage her 40+ years of legal experience and her 21 years as a Superior Court judge to craft a successful strategy that achieves your legal goals.

Ready To Tackle A Wide Range Of Litigated Cases

Beyond our work with clients in probate and domestic matters, Amanda Williams Law also works with clients on these types of litigated cases:

  • Civil torts
  • Construction law conflicts
  • Business contract disputes
  • Litigated bankruptcies
  • Contested guardianship cases

Often, complex civil litigation involves sifting through large amounts of evidence as the case goes through its discovery phase. This evaluation is necessary to assert your case with confidence. Attorney Williams possesses both depth and breadth in her legal career, and this allows her to provide you with efficient, effective representation. She is happy to review your legal situation and discuss how she may be able to help.

Contact Us Today For Litigation Support And Representation

To speak with our founding attorney, call our office in Brunswick at 912-289-2482, or email us. We work with clients in Glynn County and across Georgia’s lower southeast coast.

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