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Our Lawyer’s Experience = Your Advantage When Facing Serious Criminal Charges

Few experiences in life are as frightening as being arrested and charged with a serious misdemeanor or felony charge. Everything you’ve worked for in your life is on the line: your freedom, your livelihood, your family relationships and your standing in the community.

Amanda Williams, the founder of Amanda Williams Law, provides her criminal defense clients with representation honed over nearly four decades of experience, more than half of which were spent as a judge in Georgia’s Superior Court. Attorney Williams, as judge, presided over cases involving drug possession and trafficking, domestic violence, as well as murder and other death-penalty cases. She also served as an Assistant District Attorney early in her career. She brings her judicial and prosecutorial backgrounds to each case, as well as her many years as an attorney in private practice.

Protecting Your Rights And Challenging The Prosecution’s Case

Many criminal cases are settled by diversion or plea deals, but Attorney Williams focuses her practice on taking complicated criminal cases to trial and securing the best possible outcome for her clients. Her time as an Assistant District Attorney gives her added insight into how the prosecution may construct its case against you.

She will examine your circumstances and determine if a trial is the best place to have your side of the charge presented. She will search for mitigating factors, such as the mishandling of evidence by law enforcement, improperly conducted property or personal searches, lack of probable cause to pull you over, self-defense in cases involving physical injury or death, and other situations.

Our firm has successfully defended clients facing these charges, as well as many others:

  • Intoxicated driving or DUI, including cases involving injuries or loss of life
  • Drug trafficking or possession
  • Assault, attempted murder or murder
  • Fraud and white collar crimes
  • Domestic violence charges
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Theft, embezzlement or larceny
  • Armed robbery

The sooner you begin working with our firm, the sooner we can work on minimizing the consequences of the charges against you.

Count On Our Attorney For Trustworthy Counsel

When you are headed to court for a criminal matter, the last thing you need from your lawyer is sugar coating or unrealistic expectations. Amanda Williams Law’s founder will always provide you with an honest and frank assessment of how your court case may turn out. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling 912-289-2482 or using our online email form.